Benefits Of Podiatry - A Guide

Effective treatment for corns and bunions

Whether you need treatment for corns or removal of calluses, we can help you. At Jennifer Cole Podiatry in Horsham, we provide professional foot treatments to relieve pain.

Benefits of podiatry

Falls PreventionFoot and lower limb problems in older people are associated with impaired balance and mobility. Patients who have a history of multiple falls have greater foot impairment. Research suggests that foot problems such as the presence of a corns, bunion or poor footwear are a significant risk factor in falls, which can all be moderated with podiatry intervention.
Core PodiatryThe findings from foot surveys undertaken in the UK and elsewhere suggest that the main foot conditions affecting older people requiring core podiatry are: 
  • Nail problems
  • Corns and calluses
  • Toe deformities
 These conditions are managed successfully by podiatrists using a range of treatments including sharp debridement, pharmacology and therapies in conjunction with footwear advice and the provision of orthoses (specialist devices to alter foot position & gait) where appropriate. We are based in Horsham and serve customers across West Sussex. To find out more information about podiatrists, contact us today.
Podiatry for young feet
after podiatry treatment


This area is considered as part of core podiatry and skin complaints on the foot are very common affecting around 58% of the adult population. These can range from minor skin infections such as tinea pedis (athletes foot) to the more serious conditions such as malignant melanoma.
Good podiatry care can prevent many of the skin infections developing into more serious conditions such as cellulitis through simple advice, use of topical drugs, as well as screening patients for the presence of systemic conditions manifesting in the foot such as diabetes.
ingrown nail cutting

Circulatory disorders

Peripheral arterial disease, (PAD) increases markedly with age, affecting 3% of people at 60 years rising to over 20% in people greater than 75 years of age.
Patients with diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from PAD than the general population. Podiatrists can assist in helping to screen those people with the risk factors who do not present any symptoms to enable lifestyle changes. This, in turn, will help to improve the quality of life, life expectancy and reduce hospital admissions and amputations.
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