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Complete foot health for your little ones

Is your child experiencing pain while walking? At Jennifer Cole Podiatry in Horsham, West Sussex, we can diagnose the condition and provide suitable treatments for little feet.

New born babies' feet

In a newborn, the foot is made up of relatively soft and flexible cartilage that gradually converts to bone over time. During this period of development, great care should be taken with your child’s feet as they can be at risk of injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear and abnormal activity. Contact us to find out more podiatry facts.
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The three main foot shapes

  • Tapered - The big toe is the largest toe
  • Rounded - The 2nd or 3rd toe is longer than the big toe
  • Square - All toes are roughly of equal length
Ultimately, great care should be taken when fitting and buying new shoes to avoid damage to developing feet.
children's shoes

Don't rush to buy your child's first shoes

At 5 years old, your child's navicular bone will have fully developed and the foot will have a full count of 26 bones. However, even at the age of 8 years the bones are still not fully formed as the 'secondary centres of ossification' are not complete - however, the feet are starting to slowdown in growth.
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