What to expect during your initial appointment

What to expect during your initial podiatry appointment

Your first podiatry appointment in Horsham...

As a new patient to our practice you will be booked into a 40 minute appointment.
Please check in with reception on 1st floor (Lift is available).

Please arrive 5 minutes early in order to fill out a short medical questionnaire.

Please bring a list of all your medications you are currently taking.

Following an initial discussion about your foot complaint & symptoms the Podiatrist will examine your feet , assess your circulation & carry out a neurological assessment if appropriate.

Your Podiatrist will explain her diagnosis, advise you of your treatment plan and carry out the treatment required for your condition together with appropriate advice.

Should you require further treatment or routine palliative care the Podiatrist can book you another appointment . Alternatively you can phone to make another appointment when you feel it appropriate to you.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and will be treated in a highly professional manner.

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after podiatry treatment

Podiatry facts

Keep your feet looking fabulous by brushing up on some foot facts with Jennifer Cole.
after podiatry treatment

Benefits of Podiatry

See our podiatry guide to find out how Jennifer Cole can help your feet.
To book an appointment please call the Park Surgery, Albion Way, Horsham
01403 330266
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